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Texas Center for Nursing Workforce Studies June 22, 2013 – 04:47 pm

Texas Nursing: Our Future Depends On It, ”
“A Strategic Plan for the State of Texas to Meet Nursing Workforce Needs of 2013”
Developed by the “TEXAS TEAM, ” Addressing Nursing Education Capacity

The strategic plan is designed to provide guidance over the next few years to state and local nursing workforce planners, hospitals, community colleges, universities, and schools of nursing by communicating the necessary steps needed to address nursing education capacity challenges facing the state.The Texas Center for Nursing

The Texas Team has continued to meet during 2009-2010 on a bi-monthly basis, monitoring and evaluating the progress made in achieving plan goals. The plan is designed as a living document that will be updated over time as the nursing education and workforce environments change and as the priority actions are addressed and implemented. The plan was last updated in April 2010.

One of the goals is to leverage regional public/private partnerships to strengthen the educational infrastructure of Texas’ nursing schools.

One of the strategies is to seek support from Texas U.S. Congressional delegation to secure additional federal funding and identify federal policies and regulations which serve as roadblocks to capacity expansion.

In 2010, the 81st Texas legislature appropriated several million dollars to Texas Schools of Nursing.

Source: rnspiration.com

Demonstrating the value of the RN in ambulatory care.(Perspectives in Ambulatory Care)(registered nurses): An article from: Nursing Economics

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Christian revisionist history

2008-01-07 07:55:54 by G_ALMIGHTY

Christian nationalists believe in a revisionist history, which holds that the founders were devout Christians who never intended to create a secular republic; separation of church and state, according to this history, is a fraud perpetrated by God-hating subversives. One of the foremost Christian revisionist historians is David Barton, who , in addition to running an organization called Wallbuil...f which is particularly disturbing -- that the U.S. House of Representatives "rejects, in the strongest possible terms, any effort to remove, obscure, or purposely omit such history from our Nation's public buildings and educational resources," a travesty of the highest magnitude, considering that most of the "history" this resolve aims to promote in our public buildings and schools IS NOT REAL!

US congressional hearing surprised at Turkish crackdown on protestors  — Al-Arabiya
U.S. congressional hearing surprised at Turkish crackdown on protestors. Thursday, 27 June 2013. Anti-government protesters make V-signs and wave a flag as they block a road during a demonstration in Ankara early June 26, 2013. (Reuters). Tweet.

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Domingo Garcia and Marc Veasey, at the time vying for the U.S. congressional seat in District 33, squared off at the KERA-Channel 13 studios in July 2012. (David Woo/Staff photographer).

Nigeria: NAFDAC DG Gets US Congressional Award  — AllAfrica.com
Nigeria: NAFDAC DG Gets U.S. Congressional Award. By Ruby Leo, 2 July 2013. The Director General of NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii has received the US Special Congressional Recognition for his global frontline role in the fight against drug counterfeiting.

Texas Monthly Pr Rayburn: A Biography
Book (Texas Monthly Pr)

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